Meet Kathleen


Welcome! I’m glad you’re here! I’m Kathleen, a San Diego Area Registered Dietitian (RD). I’m currently working at a 240-bed skilled nursing facility and I enjoy every minute of it. My favorite part of my job is helping patients and families understand the relationship between food and health. I love watching the progress that each patient makes, especially when they become well enough to discharge from the facility and go back home. It’s a great feeling knowing that I was able to enrich someone’s life and be a part of their healing and recovery.

As a dietitian, you can assume that I love food! Food is what nourishes your body and gives you what you need to live life each day. I became an RD because I loved learning about how a simple seed and dirt can grow such nourishing superfoods, and how those impact our bodies and our health. I enjoy experimenting with different recipes in my own kitchen. These recipes are often very healthy and nutritious, but sometimes they aren’t which is completely fine because you should always enjoy what you eat! Food is not only connected to health, but also celebrations, memories, and emotions.

I also enjoy checking out the many delicious restaurants and food spots that San Diego has to offer – there are so many to chose from and always somewhere new to try! I definitely have my go-to spots for when I crave certain foods like tacos, Thai food, oysters, etc… but I’m always up for trying new places. When I have friends and family visiting from out of town they can always count on me for some yummy food recommendations (and you can too)!

When I’m not working, I’m usually looking for a new adventure to go on! My love for traveling started in college when I studied abroad in Paris for a summer. I was enchanted by the city and was fascinated to learn how differently other cultures lived their everyday lives; from learning about French meal etiquette, to how the French greet each other, and even observing simple interactions with strangers on the street. I loved being around something that was unfamiliar to me; I found it to be thrilling. Ever since then, I’ve grown to love traveling to new cities and learning about how each city has their own lifestyle and quirks. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy sightseeing and trying new foods while traveling? Whether it’s taking a roadtrip up the California Coast, or flying across the country, I am always up to explore somewhere new!

If you’re looking to know more about my travels, food adventures, recipe reviews, health & wellness tips, and DIY projects… then you came to the right place!

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